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Itility Data Factory at Ampleon

Ampleon, a carve-out from NXP, seeks to continuously optimize its production facilities. Goal is digital transformation of manufacturing operations – by enabling smart decision making with predictions, trend analysis, and KPI reporting. For this, deploying edge computing, sensors, and cloud-based solutions are necessary, and Ampleon has chosen the Itility Data Factory cloud-based solutions to automatically ingest and process data from various data sources.

Ampleon domain experts work closely with Itility analysts to visualize insights and report them to the Factory Operations, Equipment, and Test Engineering teams who use them to optimize maintenance practices and predict factory machinery output.


  • Standardized operations reporting to support a paperless factory
  • Automated data ingestion from multiple data sources via pipelines
  • Ever-growing insight into factory output to improve yield and enable traceability
  • Incorporation of data science methods for self-optimization and self-diagnosis


  • Reference visit possible
  • Runs on Azure Cloud


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