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Itility and TNO join forces

Accelerate development of StreetWise framework

Verification and validation of complex automated driving functions is a difficult task. Especially showing that they work properly in all possible situations and under all conditions, poses new challenges for automotive application development. Itility and TNO join forces to accelerate the development of TNO’s StreetWise platform by efficiently implementing a scalable Cloud Data Service for the StreetWise scenario mining pipeline. By means of a DevOps model, TNO and Itility ensure roadmap-driven development and a steady delivery of the services for Streetwise customers.

TNO, The Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research, has developed a unique methodology called Streetwise to extract scenarios including statistics from real-world driving data. To enable the growth of the Streetwise data processing platform, demand driven support is needed to ensure scalable and functional access to the StreetWise scenario database for TNO’s customers, and in parallel further increase the functionality of the framework. Itility designs and builds cloud systems for digital solutions, collecting large amounts of data and by applying continuous data science.

These solutions drive toward new digital business models such as Streetwise, and in similar areas where Itility is active: agritech, automotive, manufacturing, and high-tech industry. Daan de Cloe, Director Automotive, TNO Traffic & Transport: “to enable global access for all our automotive partners to our StreetWise platform, we need a cloud-based data processing platform that is easily accessible, fast, secure and scalable. For TNO, Itility is the ideal partner to realize this global platform, due to their proven track record in data analysis and data infrastructure development.”

Peter Schepers, CEO Itility: “we are thrilled to work shoulder-to-shoulder as a partner of TNO in such an exciting field as autonomous driving. The StreetWise platform and data processing methodology is a unique opportunity for Itility to apply our knowledge in the automotive domain.”

TNO offers its validation and verification toolchain to interested market parties on non-exclusive terms and conditions, including the access to the TNO StreetWise scenario database, based on real world driving data, for scenario-based testing.

(Source: TNO news)

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