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Healthy Winter!

The corona crisis created new challenges for all of us. As Itilians, we stay focused on delivering value to our customers. We work closely together to stay happy, healthy, productive, and connected. With our customers, and with each other. Thanks to this approach we can look forward to a Healthy Winter. In this update we look at some of the highlights of this winter.


Stay Connected

By Itility Family

Following up on the holidays - every year, instead of Xmas boxes, we donate our Christmas gifts to a good cause. This year, we also decided to make a donation for each compliment given to an #Itilian by another Itilian, and per requested song at our Itility Serious Request. This resulted in a nice donation to Nationale Vereniging de Zonnebloem (to be used to organize a connecting dinner with elderly & Itilians), to Support Your Locals (for our home base restaurant La Fontana), and to Hope Foundation (food and shelter for children in the slums of Dehra Dun, India).


Last month, we did not drink our own champagne, but our own cocktails 🙂 - kicking off 2021 with our virtual New Year's reception and cocktail workshop. Nice, tropical vibes and a perfect opportunity to connect and look forward to our plans for this year.



Systems & Data

By Marianne Faro

#Happy January! We have changed our way of working, but keep our way of delivering as promised. We have changed our way of interacting, but keep our way of connecting with customers and Itilians.

Last December was, for me, a month of connecting with warmth - with our happy Itility-song, with our yearly Itility Xmas party in the format of a TV show, and with everyone wearing the Itility sweater.

And I am looking forward to January — when a bunch of seasoned newbies will join the Itility family, another class of young professionals will graduate, an upcoming agri project to predict mildew will launch, and a next step in digital manufacturing will be implemented.

Cheers to growth and exciting next steps!


Stay Connected

By Itility Family

These past holidays were different from usual. That is why we recorded ‘Working home till Christmas’ — our very own and, if we may say so, very #cool Itility Xmas hit! A tribute to our customers and all Itilians staying connected in this challenging year.


Staying connected through music: Itility DJs play their favorite tracks in our Whoop Whoop Wednesday DJ stream. Itilians can watch the stream online and join the live celebration!

Whoop Whoop Wednesday DJ stream

Together, we also put our pizza-image-recognition algorithm to the test. The goal: bake a pizza that is considered perfect by the algorithm. No less than 53 Itilians, acting as Italians, took on the challenge. The results? See for yourself.




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