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Healthy Summer!

The corona crisis created new challenges for all of us. As Itilians, we stay focused on delivering value to our customers. We work closely together to stay happy, healthy, productive, and connected. With our customers, and with each other. Thanks to this approach we can look forward to a Healthy Summer. In this update we look at some of the highlights of this summer.


Cloud Developments

By Geert Vorstermans

Happy September! What is happening in our Itility Cloud Control team?

  • Our Cost Control team has achieved >20% savings on cloud spend with a new large enterprise customer. They did this by combining application use-case analysis with in-depth cloud knowledge.
  • Part of this Cost Control solution is the optimal scaling of storage objects through code, hands-off and eyes-off; Robotic Process Automation for IT 🙂
  • The number of IAM (Identity and Access Management) use cases in Azure Sentinel is steadily growing and our self-healing services are constantly evolving, all part of the NoOps journey.

Cool initiatives

By Reiner Bronsgeest

Happy September!

I hope everyone is refreshed and staying safe. The coming month seems to move roughly along these lines: fresh back from holiday; we’ve got targets to achieve, projects/services to start, and a budget to finalize.

With that in mind I wanted to share some #digital initiatives and milestones:

  • Two engineering projects to optimize production lines with the use of real-time data
  • Expanding our team in the USA which is working on migrating HPC and SW development environments to Microsoft Azure, enabling faster time to market
  • Brought in to reignite a K8s platform DevOps team before summer, with a successful go-live last month
  • Ramp-up on a security driven LCM program, identifying and jointly mitigating security threats
  • Migrated a microchip design platform from Azure to AWS with successful latency reduction
  • For a customer in the financial sector, we completed several transition projects: MDM for mobile devices, remote desktops, and VPN migration. Making WFH a lot easier
  • In production, a tool that crunches machine data and proactively provides solutions to increase availability. More uptime achieved!
  • Completed the assessment of a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) foundation at a major Dutch healthcare tech company, with improvements to be carried out

Already looking forward to Q4!

Stay Connected

By Itility Family

Last month we held a digital edition of our Itility Samen, where all #Itilians connect and share knowledge. We saw great online attendance, with many colleagues joining and engaging with a series of interesting Itility talks and guest speakers.

Samen 210820_zonderlogo


PESTI - 600x450The first batch of basil from our Itility indoor farm has been harvested. What to do with such a large amount of basil? Create some Itility pesto named PESTI of course! Passionate, Ecological, Sustainable, Tasteful Innovation.



Data science

By Marianne Faro

Happy August! Cheers to a new month - and to 14 years of Itility. Time flies when innovating and delivering.

I still remember hiring the first data scientist (seven years ago), and this week we will have our quarterly data summit with a team of 90.

I still remember our first big data platform (Splunk), and now we implement a multitude of data lakes, data warehouses, and data meshes, both on prem and in the cloud.

I still remember our first data project (capacity management for KPN FlexPod) and now we have 34 projects running simultaneously, bringing IT value (with for example license management and AI Ops) as well as business value (manufacturing OEE and predictive maintenance, agri automation using images, and smart cheese applicators).

Cheers to these #cool memories!

Stay connected

Itility family

This month we celebrate 14 years of Itility! What a great journey with our customers, evolving from 'just' M&A partner to full digital systems partner. And at the same time, growing our family of #Itilians from mainly project managers into a full multi-disciplinary group of stack engineers, software engineers, cloud engineers, data experts, and system shapers. Cheers!

Film 14 jaar Itility, extern v1.0 030820


Cool initiatives

By Reiner Bronsgeest

Everybody ready for the #staycation and #coronaproof holidays?At Itility it’s business as usual: Shape. Deliver. Run. With starting and closing projects, ensuring stable services, and delivering as promised.

So what’s happening this month:

  • Creating CI/CD pipelines to deploy, test, and destroy applications on Azure and GCP
  • Building a prototype of a smart applicator, saving cost by reducing waste. Through image recognition, near real time analysis, and then controlling the machine and belt
  • Expanding our support on the IT-infrastructure side for a large M&A integration project
  • Building a contract framework for managed DevOps services. Agility towards the consumers and SLA based operations built on SRE principles
  • Growing our data lake experience by building a data mesh for condition based maintenance for a high tech manufacturing company

And of course, our mega cool #innovationlab https://lnkd.in/dE8Ka-m

Itility lab 070720 square-sized v0.2


Stay connected

Itility family

Ellipsis TeamA new member in our #Itility start-up hub! Welcome to the Ellipsis Earth Intelligence team. They provide a #cool geospatial platform in which geodata can be purchased (like iStock) and uploaded (e.g. satellite images, drone footage). This enables you to create or adjust maps, using the built-in AI algorithms or your own code; which can then be easily shared within your teams (like Google Drive).

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