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Healthy Autumn!

The corona crisis created new challenges for all of us. As Itilians, we stay focused on delivering value to our customers. We work closely together to stay happy, healthy, productive, and connected. With our customers, and with each other. Thanks to this approach we can look forward to a Healthy Autumn. In this update we look at some of the highlights of this autumn.


Cloud Developments

By Geert Vorstermans

Happy October! This month our Itility Cloud Control team focuses on AI-based Cost Control for cloud environments.

  • At one of our enterprise customers, we started a really cool deep dive on an Azure IoT platform to improve cost efficiency, readiness for scaling, reliability, and security.
  • We use AI-based advice to trigger application owners and validate actual change implementation to achieve real cost efficiency. Always through code and hands-off; all part of the NoOps journey.

Stay Connected

By Itility Family

Last month was a month with several events - both digital and offline - to connect and share knowledge. On the September 23, the annual Machine Learning Conference took place, which we were happy to sponsor. Mostly virtual, and partly on-premise. A great lineup with interesting talks on AI. That same day, our very own Jan Jitse Venselaar featured on the program of the MKAI September Technical Forum, where he shared his insights on automated machine learning in practice.

We also looked back at an interactive session we had with former professional basketball player Lamont Randoplh. Lamont shared his learnings on preparation, motivation, passion, and perseverance with us. Because working in consultancy is like playing top sport - you always need to be best in class. Thank you for your stories Lamont!

Lamont Randolph

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