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Happy October!

Last year, we found that looking back 1 full year (Looking back to an amazing 2018) proved difficult: we needed our LinkedIn messages to remember all. Hence our new year's resolution: celebrate each month! 

That is why we started with "Happy new month" messages. Please read below the messages for the month of October, which we will continue doing for each new exciting month. (Missed one? January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September)

Itility Cloud Control

by Geert Vorstermans
Happy new October! 
• Collaboration is key to create sustainable relations. Our "dinner in de wolken" was all about cloud and data. October 31 we continue at Connecting Flight Forum, a round table about Digital Dilemmas.
• More content via blogs and articles - read about our software engineering journey by Nick, Aran and Thom or our upcoming blog about Azure IoT products.
• We started new projects to run a IoT device management factory, setup container orchestration for a software development team and various cloud cost control improvements to save resources.

Because if you systematically want to improve your IT ops, you need to transform into a lean IT ops factory. Read more about it on our website cloud-control.itility.nl and let's get in touch.

Data Science

by Marianne Faro
#HappyOctober! Leaves are falling, at #Itility we make the autumn all about knowledge and content sharing this month:
• Our training tree covers multiple trainings on getting value out of data
• Working on some cool algorithms to get us a step closer to autonomous indoor farming
• Combining that in our talk on tomato plant classification at the Machine Vision Conference (as well as at JADS)
• Embedding the results of sales effectiveness calculations at Habesha while writing a blog on their hackathon

US team

by John Pratt
Happy October from Itility US! As autumn begins and leaves start to fall, our US team is continuing its path forward by focusing on digital innovation.
• With this in mind, two of our US colleagues attended the world’s largest artificial intelligence dev event in San Jose on October 9th. At AI Dev World, they listened to talks by current AI experts in the hopes of keeping Itility's go one step beyond mindset active when it comes to incorporating emerging services.
• Speaking of services, Itility US’ scope grew yet again in October, with the addition of a new project for an existing Itility customer. Three new colleagues were recruited to assist in this endeavor, with one starting work on October 1st and the other two scheduled to start on October 15th.
• Finally, it wouldn’t be fall without the blowing of leaves from place to place, so in true “windy day” style, the latest of our US colleagues to be in the Netherlands for 2 weeks of training returned to San Diego on October 5th to begin work.

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