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Happy March!

Because there are so many highlights on #cool projects, training, culture, and the US team — and innovations & updates on cloud, data, and analytics, we decided to celebrate each month! Subscribe to 'Itility' to receive each new 'Happy new month' message in your inbox.
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Cool projects

by Reiner Bronsgeest
Happy March! 
With the end of this quarter in sight (goes fast doesn't it), we keep partnering with our customers to drive their strategic goals. Be it cost, security, innovation or business continuity through a stable managed service. My personal highlights for March are:

• An AI and data science use case team to build an algorithm/SW that predicts machine performance based on on live data from the factory
• Two deep dives at different customers to assess their large enterprise hosting environment for automation / rationalization and data-driven opportunities
• Finishing up the first release of an enterprise cloud landing zone on Azure, next step is extending to AWS
• Finalizing the selection of a back-up application that syncs with the public cloud, with the intention to use it as DR mechanism
• A myriad of security projects, automated certificate deployment and refreshing, data driven security, ransomware protection and data classification/migration

Looking forward to starting Q220 with even more Shape. Deliver. Run.

Data Science

by Marianne Faro
Happy March! Although it might not feel as such with constant rain and Corona-protocols, there is still enough to be happy about:
• Successfully completed the PoC phase for use case ('kaas-us') on automating visual inspection of cheese on pizzas
• Starting our own digital twin use case in our mini indoor greenhouse ('H-kas')
• Hosting our first fully virtual quarterly event with the growing data team (75+ Itilians!)
• Giving a lecture on data science IRL at the Eindhoven University of Technology

Training and culture

by Fleur Kappen
Happy March! This month a very short & sweet update: let us stay happy, healthy, productive, and connected :-)

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