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Happy January!

Because there are so many highlights on #cool projects, training, culture, and the US team — and innovations & updates on cloud, data, and analytics, we decided to celebrate each month! Subscribe to 'Itility' to receive each new 'Happy new month' message in your inbox.
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Itility Cloud Control

Happy January! Dream big, start small. By simply executing. This month focus on these great initiatives and projects:

Started with an Azure Data Warehouse assessment for a major high-tech systems supplier
Creating new blogs about Site Reliability Engineering (SLI/SLO), coming up soon!
Maximum automation, data-driven management and an on-site DevOps model, that’s why Itility Cloud Control is 1 out of 2 parties still in a challenging RFP race.

2020 will be a great year to Shape. Deliver. Run!

Training and culture

by Fleur Kappen
Happy January! New year, new opportunities. This month at #Itility:
• A warm welcome to 5 new Itilians, ready to go wild for our customers
• A happy new year reception to cheers together to a wonderful 2020
• Cool training sessions, such as IoT, Docker, Hadoop, Linux, and PowerBI
Cheers to the new year!

Cool projects

by Reiner Bronsgeest
Happy new 2020! Here's to hoping you are just as energized for January as we are. Starting up a few great projects and services this month:
Going to public cloud with a high-tech R&D enterprise through building a landing platform on Azure
Building a new data center in the east coast of the USA for a large Dutch semiconductor enterprise
Planning on executing >100 application migrations across three customers, both on-premises and to public cloud
Expanding our digital transformation competences with new projects on predictive maintenance and in-product data platforms
Supporting three different software development and data analytics departments at three different customers through building, expanding and managing their CI/CD environments

2020 will be a great year to Shape. Deliver. Run! And for those who can't get enough of 2019, our year in numbers :-)

Data Science

by Marianne Faro
#HappyJanuary! We started a new decade: 10 years to make things better. We started a new year: 366 opportunities to innovate. And we have this new month of January to actually start improving now.

Mid December we planned out some of these actual starts (during our annual #ItilityDataConf with an amazing team of 60+ data-Itilians). Using data for autonomous indoor farming, for calculating our CO2 footprint, for automated visual inspections - just a few of these initiatives we start.

Will you join our data team to make change happen? :-)

US team

by John Pratt
Happy January from Itility’s US team! Cheers to a digital 2020! Looking forward to a new decade to make a change, a new year to innovate, and a new month to actually start to make this happen.

Our team keeps on growing, and in January we will plan out our year with the San Jose team, the San Diego team and the Dutch MT - in sunny San Diego this time. Cloud, hyperconverged, automation and data will also be important topics for this year to make digital change a reality.

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