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Marianne Faro

Happy February!

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Training and culture

by Fleur Kappen
Happy February! Of course, February is all about love! This month at Itility:

• We love to train and therefore created a new Itility training calendar for 2020
• We love to support good causes: more and more Itilians donate to charity instead of arranging a treat on their birthday (and of course: Itility doubles the donations made)
• We love to stay connected: we take time for “Goede Gesprekken”, open conversations in small groups to really listen to each other

Data Science

by Marianne Faro
Happy February! Looking forward to a diverse data-month: automating visual inspections of plants & pizzas and deep diving into unknown data sets to discover insightful gems.

Did you know that automating visual inspections with image recognition algorithms can be fun? (we used a shuffleboard to mimic a factory line, and have our own mini pink indoor greenhouse to capture plant growth)
Have you ever created hypotheses for data sets that you have limited knowledge of? We did so in a deep dive and were amazed how much the data can tell you without having in-depth domain knowledge
We completed a data lake setup at
AVR, are continuing the Intelligent Factory setup at Ampleon, creating more car data scenarios at TNO, and we will be preparing our next data conference (growing again with eight new trainees toward a data team of 75+) and next hackathon. You can read about the previous one here

US team

by Itility US
Happy February from Itility’s US team! Cheers to an exciting month of exploration and expansion.

Soon we will have two offices in the US; in both San Jose and San Diego
Our US director just came back from the Netherlands where he discussed our business goals for 2020
An extensive Azure Cloud deep dive is scheduled for our US engineers
A new Dutch colleague arrived in San Diego on February 1st to work there for six months

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