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Happy December!

Last year, we found that looking back 1 full year (Looking back to an amazing 2018) proved difficult: we needed our LinkedIn messages to remember all. Hence our new year's resolution: celebrate each month! 

That is why we started with "Happy new month" messages. Please read below the messages for the month of October, which we will continue doing for each new exciting month. (Missed one? January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November)

Itility Cloud Control

by Geert Vorstermans
Happy new December! 
• Collaboration is key to create sustainable relations. Have you seen our Giarte Cloudsourcing profile?
• New blogs and articles about #reinvent2019 and have a look at my article about controlling your cloud spend.
• We also started new services and projects that help businesses to create sustainable digital innovation, like a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) or managed CI/CD services. Because if you want to deliver scalable, efficient digital solutions you need a digital platform that is as agile as it is robust.

Read more about automated, hands-off digital platforms on cloud-control.itility.nl and let's get in touch.

Data Science

by Marianne Faro
#HappyDecember! Cheers to a new month full of nice opportunities, with the focus this month on shining digitally.
• Talking with AMF on a smart applicator for cheese, in the (dutch) words of Vincent Langelaar: "mooie kaas-us".
• Working on a blog on the sales prediction model for Habesha.
• Session with Ampleon on the Intelligent Factory.
• Getting ready for "strikjesdag" at AVR to operationalize the first BI reports.
• Offsite with our data team to think of our digital future (growing big, more than 60 people attending).

Training and culture

by Fleur Kappen
December at Itility means time to shine! So, here you see what we have done/planned in December related to training, culture, and Time to Shine:

• Two Itilians are currently shining in the city of lights at the AWS re:Invent event.
• At December 4, we visited a cool hands-on SLO workshop to develop reliability targets, hosted by Google.
• At December 11, our bright Consultants Community joins together to share knowledge and best practices about Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing world; how to modernize a factory with data and automation.
• At December 20, all Itilians will shine and celebrate 2019 & 2020 during our legendary Xmas Samen, focusing on customers, content, and fun!

I wish you all a very shiny December ;-)

US team

by John Pratt

Happy Holidays & a Merry December from Itility US!
This month we have much to give thanks for:

• December 6th marked “Day 1” of takeover for a customer merger & acquisition project that’s been worked on for the past 5 months. This takeover process went very smoothly, and we made the customer very happy.
• The US group is also one step away from obtaining a new office location in San Diego, while at the same time renewing our existing office lease in San Jose. This need for space was prompted by the expansion of our team via new colleagues and Dutch transfers; one of whom recently decided to stay with us for another 5 months.

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