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Digitalization is a means, not an end

"Just do it"

"We operate in the manufacturing industry (Industry 4.0), the energy sector (Energy 3.0), and agriculture (Agri 3.0)," says Managing Consultant Sam Saes. "These are sectors where you have to start from the bottom up, not top-down. We sit next to the person for whom we're optimizing the work or product so that we understand exactly what they're doing. Then we focus on the part of the chain we can improve with a digital solution. And then we 'do it.' In close collaboration with the customer, we achieve concrete results within a few weeks. We then further build the added value of the solution in short iterative steps. In terms of knowledge and technical skills, the teams we engage are always aligned with the customer's needs and the intended digital solution. And on top of that, we bring a healthy dose of curiosity and perseverance to the table."

Versatile work

"Itility is a relatively small and as a result agile and dynamic organization," says Fleur. "We have specialists in hardware, software, cloud, data, consultancy, and management. So, you can pave a versatile career path and develop further through the Itility Academy. Moreover, you work in sectors with significant social importance. One time, you create a solution to reduce the downtime of conveyor belts in a warehouse. Another time, you help construction managers reduce energy consumption, or you use satellite images to help farmers irrigate their land. You can go a long way here because digital solutions will become part of companies' core business in the future."

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Itility creates digital solutions for the manufacturing industry, energy sector, and agriculture. The company distinguishes itself by taking a pragmatic approach that prioritizes results. "Our goal? To improve our customers' core business with digital add-ons," says Managing Director Fleur Kappen.

"We don't digitalize just for the sake of digitalizing," she adds. "For us, digital transformation is simply a way to help companies work more efficiently, effectively, or sustainably. We do this by connecting increasingly powerful technology, data, processes, and people. We always focus on what the customer has in mind: creating a solution where added value takes precedence over technology. The result is a structural improvement of a product or service, with the help of the appropriate technology."

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Digitalisering is een middel, geen doel
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