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Marianne Faro

Big Data: only by making it smaller you can create value

Big Data is trendy, research has proven that Big-Data-initiatives are on the agenda of nearly all enterprises. Big Data is happening, everybody knows that you have to do something with it, however not everybody has taken into account what that something might be.

The key question: what to do with Big Data, how to deal with it?

Compare it with eating an entire elephant: you will eat it in bits. Every day a tiny bite. Not too large, otherwise you will choke, and never to skip a day – if you want to eat an entire elephant you cannot afford to miss a day. Big Data is basically the same: make it small and tangible, start with a tiny bite and continue evenly

Don’t get carried away in defining Big Data processes. Don’t be seduced into designing a firm, future-proof, scalable, and flexible target architecture – before you even get started. This would be like “solving world hunger”; too complex to easily solve it, too broad to make it tangible.

Please note: a good design is absolutely necessary. However: don’t let it be your first bite.
The same goes for data-ownership issues or data-governance arguments. Those are topics to discuss, in order to be able to provide answers to the many questions raised. But again: don’t let it be your first bite.

Where to begin?

Let the data speak foritself right as from the start. So: immediately upload that set of data in “any tool”. Goal here is to directly explore these large amounts of data – in order to gain new insights through statistic methods, correlations, visualization and machine learning.

Explore data step-by-stepcompose a small team, one that at least consists of a data scientist and a domain expert.

The data scientist is necessary to do his magic with algorithms – to find a correlation, a trend line or an anomaly within the data. The domain expert is necessary to add business-process knowledge that will bring the value of data to life.
And the bites? Research one hypothesis every day, reveal a tiny bit of added-value every day.
And get added value from the business process.

Agile analytics: nice and small.

Itility delivers agile analytics – with a team of data scientists we assist in exploring data with our Big Data SAAS solution (the “any tool” to upload your first data sets).

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