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Marianne Faro

Big data — can you eat that?

Big Data projects are similar to working in a restaurant. They require teamwork, both within the team (chef, sommelier and waiter working together in various roles) and in the interaction with guests. Successful Big Data projects involve their guests right from the start in the search for the best recipe. It is much more than tooling. It is mainly about deploying the right skills and translating data into customer value: the best recipe for the best customer experience.

This article explains why it is essential to have a balanced collaboration between a data scientist, a data engineer, an IT tooling expert, and a domain expert. If you don’t plan this right from the start, you might end up with a nice tool and fancy graphics, but without new customer value.

Click here for the original article in Dutch, or download the English translation below.

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Big Data — can you eat that?
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