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Luis Lazo

AI Dev World: our lessons learned

What a learning experience it has been attending the AI Dev World conference! Attending the talks of current experts in AI, Machine Learning and API software development has been an incredibly enlightening experience.

From early morning sessions discussing best practices for real life unstructured data processing in ML models to hearing from the cutting edge, where companies like Auger.AI are developing automated pipelines *for* automated ML pipelines.
The conference has really opened our eyes to what the future holds in the field of Data Science.

On one hand, we had sessions that really focused on novel developer technology, like Greg Benson’s talk on the emergence of computer-generated software that can capture a user’s intent and reduce the effort to develop working code.

On the other hand, we saw talks more focused on improving the current way of working, like Jeremy Pollock’s talk on Realtime APIs and Jon Peck’s talk on productionizing ML models. For the latter, it was comforting to hear our own Itility message out of their mouth: always remember the bottom line of providing value to a business through immediate insights; and always focus on driving new progress versus reinventing the wheel.

And, although some of these new novel technologies might be years away from actual business implementation, it’s helpful to keep apprised of what’s possible. After all, we always strive to go one step beyond.


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