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Aran Vink

Being a software engineer at Itility

How do you play a crucial role at many of your customers as a software engineer? In this blog I'll explain how Itility's mindset ‘go beyond’ has helped me create value for our customers.

Close collaboration

“Over the last three years I work closely together with my customer in a team of software architects and product owners. They provide the requirements for a specific application that our team will be working on. The architect makes sure that the application continuously fits in the IT landscape and long-term development roadmap. The product owner shares functional application requirements and certain constraints, such as time and budget.

I provide them with consulting on high quality code that will result in a reliable and maintainable application. But what is high quality code? In my opinion, high quality code means that it is uniformly understood by anyone working with the application. Furthermore, it must have a modular structure, so changes in one part of the application don’t result in unexpected behavior in other parts of the application.



Broadly skilled Itility teams 

At most customers, Itility provides multi-disciplinary teams. So in addition to myself as software engineer, there can be an infrastructure engineer, a data scientist, and a scrum master or project master to guide the team. By bringing a broad spectrum of expertise to the table, our capabilities to deliver good solutions are greatly enhanced. My own knowledge and skills are developing fast as well, since I’m not only developing code, but get pushed to look beyond my world of software.

We aim to minimise the required Ops effort 

We typically work in a DevOps model, allowing for continuously evolving the application, while maintaining an application’s functionality. Of course, you always need to do Ops, but we do aim to minimize the required Ops effort. Therefore, we perform extensive testing on our applications and create automation in monitoring and alerting.

A steep learning culture

While I learn a lot on the job, I also join many trainings with my Itility colleagues. A deep-dive in Python, for example, or a training about use cases by our Data Scientists. Itility offers an extensive training catalogue and an active software community that hosts external speakers, joins Meetups, and organizes cool hackathons.

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