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Majority stake in 52impact

52impact, located in Rotterdam, uses a broad spectrum of Earth Observation technologies like satellite imagery, climate models, and data integration techniques to assess and monitor the impact of climate change on businesses. Key words are spatial insights and business analytics, with their goal to make the sustainability challenge a positive one.

The created spatial insights help to accelerate the transition of the core business and the supply chain to anticipate the risks of climate change, such as changing water demands and flooding, increasing temperatures, and extreme weather. Clear, actionable maps and information products show organisations and governments where and how to best invest to anticipate long-term climate risks and best distribute natural resources.

With its new shareholder, 52impact will be able to accelerate faster in providing both strategic business information for climate risks as well as actionable advice in the short term to overcome climate related challenges. This steers their client’s execution to deal with climate challenges and supports them to reach the Sustainable Development Goals for a.o. water, food security and climate action (SDG2, SDG6 and SDG13). Supported by Itility, 52impact can further scale its technologies and deploy its solutions across the globe to support companies, regulators, and NGOs.

Koen Verberne, Managing Director 52impact: "At 52impact we monitor and assess the current and future state of the planet to offer actionable advice and guide actionable implementations. That is why I am thrilled that with this step, our experts can team up with the large team of Itility’s technology specialists, to further enhance spatial insights for the sustainability of our planet."

Peter Schepers, CEO Itility: "We are excited to work shoulder-to-shoulder with 52impact in such an intriguing field as spatial analytics for climate action. With this partnership we can apply our technical know-how and data science knowledge into actually helping the customers of 52impact to manage climate challenges."

Thijs Perenboom, COO 52impact: "Data and data science are at the core of our climate related advice. To take the next step, we were looking for a partner that can boost our growth in data processing, with large scale data lake expertise, ML ops and a data factory approach."

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

- Itility Group: https://itility.nl, info@itility.nl
- 52impact: https://www.52impact.nl, info@52impact.nl

About Itility Group:

Itility is a prominent software and data solution provider, offering innovative solutions in the fields of Manufacturing, Energy, and AgriTech. With a dedicated team of data, cloud and software technology specialists, Itility leverages cutting-edge technology and data science to create tailored solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and success for its clients.

About 52impact:

52impact transforms spatial imagery and data into actionable maps and information products. With experts in water management, environmental sciences, data engineering and business, 52impact translates complex information into practical solutions. 

Eindhoven, January 22, 2024 – Itility Group (https://itility.nl), a leading software and data solution provider in Manufacturing, Energy, and AgriTech, is delighted to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in 52impact (https://www.52impact.nl), a pioneering Dutch company based in Rotterdam. On December 22, 2023, Itility Group completed the acquisition of a majority stake in 52impact, marking a significant milestone for both companies in the field of software, data solutions, and climate assessments. 

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